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that hater doesn't know shit if they don't appreciate maurice sendak's illustrations, js. also, i'm planning on getting one of the illustrations from 'the little prince' tattooed sometime in the future, so high-five for children's lit illustration tattoos!~

I’m kind of under the impression it’s basically a troll Tumblr, or just someone who’s really angry so realistically


But otherwise I agree completely.  Really, Maurice Sendak was a cranky, gay, Jewish man who frequently told people who didn’t like him to “Go to hell” so who else would draw delightful representations of childhood I’d want on my body forever?

UUUUUGH- I’ve always wanted the elephant/snake but have never found a place I’d want it.  

I’m going in a few months to get Max from Where The Wild Things Are on the other leg holding a similar bubble/balloon with a sailboat in it & my Gran’s handwriting underneath reading “BE WILD” so if this one is shitty, the other one is going to be even shittier. ♥  



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